Andre Ward is ready to thunder over Edwin Rodriguez

Andre Ward, the Super middleweight champion is going to confront his opponent Edwin Rodriguez on this Saturday night. This match will be  his first fight in last 14 months.

For some boxers this long absence from the boxing ring could be a real disadvantage. But to Andre Ward this may not a matter to consider.During his training session at the Warzone Boxing Gym he stated that he knows his business very well. Especially when it is a match to defend the won’s title. He assured that his long absence from the ring will not create any effect to defeat Edwin Rodriguez at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario.

Ward has been absent so long because of his right shoulder surgery. But according to him he is fit for his next fight. We all know that he is the fighter who always stay close to his job. No matter inside or outside the ring. Once he gets the hints of a fight, he is ready for the duel.

He stated in an interview that he never thinks of his past. He never claimed himself for his defeat, rather he takes every fight as a challenge. He always makes a vow to rumble his opponent, no matter who stands before him. He fights just for his win. He just wanted to make clear his fans that his rehabilitation is not a matter of weeks. It gives him the power to stay close with his target. During the rehabilitation days he continues 4 hours exercise and later does other stuff to make him fit for the fight. Andre Ward confirmed that he is completely fit and ready for Edwin Rodriguez.

Manny Pacquio expects more from Brandon Rios than Ricky Hatton

Manny Pacquio still believes that Brandon Rios may give a very high competitive match against him at Macau. But at the same Time he stated that in that fight he will plot the same fighting strategy against Rios, which he had implemented years Ago. Addressing that strategy as Footwork he hopes that Rios may not be able to stand against him.

Meanwhile Brandon Rios is busy with his preparation to face the mighty Pacquio. He is an awfully toughest contender for Pacquio. The most important matter is that he is younger than the Filipino icon’s. Moreover in strength he is stronger than Pacquio. While racing up the Great Wall at Macquio the Filipino boxing icon observed Rios strength and openly considered Him as a tough competitor.

But the confidence of Manny Pacquio is quite untouchable. He had observed Rios fight very closely and hopes that he can overcome the fight. He believes that his vast experiences against other iconic boxers in his long career makes him more accurate in the fight ring to beat anyone.

The fighting strategy of Brandon Rios is very aggressive. He fights toe-to-toe with his opponents. The upcoming match will Definitely be the most entertaining fight of the year. Pacquio has focused on his speed and footwork during his training Camp. He believes that these two skills will be his advantage over Brandon Rios. His footwork strategy may not give him the same result as happened against Ricky Hatton, but this time he hopes Rios will stay longer than Hatton. Definitely Pacquio will try to prove himself once more against Brandon Rios.

Pacquiao/Rios vs HBO’s Promotional Strategy

HBO is a name of success in the Boxing Industry which is currently promoting the massive year ending boxing match of Pacquiao and Rios. They know their duty deeply. We believe that they are the best in their business to promote their fights.

But they seem less active at this time. A claim arouses against The Promoter. Many say that they’re not doing good in promoting the Pac vs Rios fight. They should collaborate with Showtime and use the massive power of social media for the worldwide promotion. Instead of promoting their videos on YouTube they should think of the strength of social media sharing.

We have seen that for the match Mayweather vs Canelo, every video was posted instantly for the public by its promoter Showtime. There, Showtime did an impressive job of promoting the brand “The One.” This event was shared through all social media at that time. That strategy was the reason for doing so well in business.

For Pacquiao vs Rios, every video made for the super fight are not being shared with the public. These two legends fans are sharing those videos in social media for their accountants. Instead of sharing those with public media HBO advices to its fans to get the videos from their website.

Andre Ward the top pound-for-pound Fighter in Boxing History

Andre Ward is a shining name in super middleweight division in boxing. At present he is defending his championship. His recent performance is not so shiny to remember and for him there is no significant achievement in the year 2013. But at the end of this year Andre Ward gets a chance to proof his names once again by the long waited match against Rodriguez at 16th November.

Last time he was defeated by the light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson in September 2013. Since then he has not entered in any boxing ring. A surgery in right shoulder to fix his damaged tissue with some long months rehab to heal the wound is the actual reason of his long absent in the ring.

Even after his long absent, he is still holding the No. 2 spot in pound-for-pound stated by The Ring Magazine and ESPN. He fought only once since then, against Carl Froch and defeated him with a dominant figure to win his 168-pound title.

Wining a major 168-pound title with shoulder injury represents him as a top class pound-for-pound fighter in recent history. His high profile reputation and dominant style help him to ride the top in weight classes too.

His recent fitness proves that his shoulder injury may not fall him into the ring on Saturday night against Rodriguez. Shoulder injuries is not a matter to ignore for a boxer. But his ability as a top pound-for-pound Fighter is not neglect able. Once more he may prove it in the upcoming fight.

Pacquiao seems Perfect just Two Weeks Before the Big Fight

Pacquiao has just two weeks in hand to meet the expected fight against Brandon Rios in Macau. His trainer, Freddie Roach confirmed that he has entered in his final two weeks training camp to prepare himself against Rios.

Before this Pacquiao has finished another eight weeks training in a gym owned by Roch at General Santos City in southern Philippines. Freddie Roach shared with the press that their camping was very effective. It helps Pacquiao to make him a razor-sharp contender for the upcoming match.

Roach also added that Pacquiao is quite in calm mood now. He is pressing his focus on the gains that are achieved from his two months training camp. He said that Pacquiao needs speed, power and coordination to defeat Rios. He strongly believes that Pacquiao recovers completely from all the errors on those factors. An additional coach Gavin Macmillian also helps him to look more impressive.

Pacquiao is very determined to prove that he is not finished yet. Though his last two defeats forced him to fall his world ranking one to eight, he is trying hard to get back his previous status in boxing ring.

Nonito Donaire vs Vic Darchinyan: A rematch that takes six long years to happen

On this Saturday night four division world champion Nonito Donaire is going to face once again his oldest rival Vic Darchinyan in Corpus Christi, Texas. Recent time Donaire is not a regular man in boxing ring. We have seen him at last April, when he lost his match against Guillermo Rigondeaux by an unanimous decision. Again we will find him in action by this match.

Boxing lovers can easily remember the day in July 2007. On that day Donaire and Darchinyan were fighting for their expected bout. In Round 5, Donaire stoped Darchinyan by a single punch. That one-punch stoppage was considered as the best knockout in the past decades. Since then they have never met again.A rematch among them was just a demand of time. Boxing lovers were waiting eagerly so long to find out what will happen if these two boxers meet again in a same ring. At last the controversy match has got the light of reality but it took almost six years to making the match.

Loosing the match against Rigondeaux is not so comfortable for the boxer like Nonito Donaire. He always wanted to come back in the ring with his previous image. This match may come out as his perfect come-back fight in recent times.

Nonito Donaire is considered as the dominating character in weight classes. Once he was the world champion at 118 and there he was never beaten. His several belts reward at 122 also reminds us of his capabilities.The loss against Guillermo Rigondeaux is his first ever and last major defeate in his ring which just occered early in this year.

Meanwhile,Vic Darchinyan is considered as the greatest boxer in below bantamweight.He secured his IBF flyweight champion title for over two-and-a-half years span.Most important matter is that title was snatched by Nonito Donaire,the same man with whom he is going to fight tonight.

Footwork: A New strategy of Pacquiao against Rios

Just day before Manny Pacquiao has disclosed that he will apply the Hatton strategy against Brandon Rios. Today he has shared another plan for  Rios. He said that footwork will be a effective strategy to defeat his opponents at Macao on November 24.

Pacquiao is famous for his great footwork and speed. He combined these two unique skills and get advantages over his opponents in past. His major victories were against the bigger and more powerful opponents like Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, Antonio Margarito and Oscar de la Hoya. His mighty skills of footwork and speed helped him to overcome them.

Pacquiao is a man of only 5’6”, but his super footwork and speed give him an unique balance in his ring to confirm his distance from his opponents. In most of his fight we have observed that he remains untouched from his contenders.Besides this strategy gives him more time and chance to through his punch to his opponents.

On the other hand, Brandon Rios is man of 5’9”. His size and extreme power may give him the advantage to defeat Pacquiao in the upcoming fight.

But Pacquiao thinks that his vast experience in professional boxing is the real key to win the match. He has fraught sixty one high profiled bouts in his career which is almost double than Rios. He faced a variety of fighters and believed that those fights helped him to survive so long in his boxing ring. In the upcoming fight he is very much confident about his victory.

Manny Pacquiao thinks to implement Hatton strategy against Brandon Rios

The decade winning fighter Manny Pacquiao has pronounced that he is thinking to use a very old boxing strategy against Brandon Rios in their upcoming fight on November 23 at Macao.

Pacquiao shared his thought about his game-plan about the upcoming match. He said that he will use the same game plan which he had taken for Ricky Hatton years ago. In that match his game strategy helped him to stop his opponents in just two rounds. The game had stopped just in the second round when a sharp left hook forced Hatton to drop in the ring. Pacquiao could not expect such hurry winning. After the match he spoke to the journalist, where he said that he wished to stay more time in the ring to show all of his game plan against Ricky Hatton.

Years later Pacquio is thinking again to implement the same strategy against Brandon Rios. He said that this time he may unveil his full strategy to his fans. During there media tour in china he showed his respect to Rios. Still he considers Rios as an extremely dangerous opponent. Rios is much younger and holds more strength than him. Considering the matter he said that he should show his most impressive performance against Rios to become an winner and prove himself as an elite fighter.

Pacquio is very desperate to prove himself as an image of old Manny Pacquiao. He wants to restore his previous public image by this fight. That’s why he is thinking a lot to set up the game strategy. He knows that this fight is his only hope to get his fans confidence on him. Now it’s a matter of observe how his  Hatton strategy works against Rios .

Pacquiao vs Rios: a must win fight for the Filipino to meet Mayweather

On November 23 two great boxing fighters Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios are going to meet with each other at the Venetian Macao in Macau, China. Manny Pacquiao is considered as the boxing legend for his high profile boxing career while Brandon Rios is a name with a uprising and promising boxing career. To Pacquiao its not only a match to win rather a chance to get back his lost fame and prove that he has not finished yet. It has been rumered that the winner of this may get the ticket to meet Floyd Mayweather in next years boxing schedule.

Brandon Rios is a promising and very dangerous contender for any boxer in this world for his supper strength. This upcoming fight has got the full sight of the boxing lovers. It is considered that this match should be the Fight of The Year.Winning this match will be very difficult for Pacquiao but in order to keep alive the chance to get the access his biggest potential fight against Mayweather in next year.

As  I have  already told that,  Pacquiao is considered as the greatest boxing legend but his recent two losses against Juan Manuel Marquez and Bradly forced him to stay out from the world boxing ranking. That’s why he is very desperate to defeat his opponent. Just one year’s ago he was the dominating name in boxing era.At present Floyd Mayweather is doing so. Though Pacquio lost his rank still he is loved by the many boxing fans around the world.Many of them are expecting that these two legends will fight with each other in the ring for the world championship.

Pacquiao and Mayweather works for different companies. Mayweather works for HBO and Pacquiao for Showtime. Both companies are the top most demand able for all boxing fans. Promoter Arum has realized the possibility of doing greatest business in boxing history and somehow a rumors spreads about the possible mega fight.

It has been confirmed that Arum discussed on this issue with the Evenings and Mark Fine show in Australia and announced that the expected blockbuster, mega fight might happen sooner or later. If he said these in a serious mood and announced the fight schedule for the second half of 2014 in between these two boxers, Paccquiao must have win this match against Brandon Rios on November 23. In order to get the support for the promoter and supporter he had to to knock Rios out in straight.

If  Pacquiao could prove himself as an elite fighter like previous by dominating Rios and take back his previous glory which has been lost with the losses against Bradley and Marquez, he might get the support for his fans for the possible super-fight.

An Exciting Fight between Andres Gutierrez and Ernie Sanchez

Tonight, on November 2, 2013, the Mexican boxer Andres Gutierrez will fight against Ernie Sanchez in order to defend his super Bantamweight title. This exciting boxing match will be held at Queretaro, Mexico.

Boxing has been always a very popular and exciting match to us. This game is full of energy and amusement. That is why people eagerly wait to watch boxing matches. So, for those who love boxing, there is an exciting news. Tonight, the Mexican superstar, Andres Gutierrez is going to face Philippines’ boxer Ernie Sanchez.

Gutierrez is a Mexican boxer who is 20 years old. He has been undefeated till now in the boxing tournament, 2013. Andres is the holder of the Super Bantamweight Silver title also, by defeating Salvador Sanchez. Andres want to finish this year with a glorified record. He wants to keep the flow of victory in continuation. So, his aim is to defeat Ernie Sanchez too in order to defend his title.

On the other hand, Sanchez, who is 21 years old, comes from General Santos City which is situated at the Southern part of Philippine. He is making his way in the boxing world and doing very well. He has won the previous three bouts. He also got victory over Wilton Hilario and Coy Evans. So, this Featherweight Championship is a great opportunity for him to make a place in the world of boxing. If he can defeat the undefeated Andres in this match, he will be the winner of a world title in boxing. That’s why he is also very serious about the match.

As we can see, both of the players have their own reasonable reason to win the match and this is going to be a very exciting match. One will play to defend his honour and the other will play to acquire it.